Mesh Gear has a well established management team with vast experience in all manufacturing departments.

Emphasis is placed on team work, with each manager specialising in and managing their own section while at the same time coming together in problem solving, planning and production. This is the driving force behind continuous improvement and improving quality standards.

MESH GEAR specialises in the manufacture of gears and associated components on a production basis for the local as well as international heavy equipment industry such as mining, construction, agricultural, railway, military and industrial sectors.

The company was established in 1976 by Michael Clayton, and today we have one of the best facilities in South Africa specialising in production gear manufacturing and precision machining. Situated on 4500m2, this facility allows for the complete manufacturing process to be monitored and controlled under one roof; from material preparation all the way through to heat treatment, metallurgical analysis and gear grinding.

Mesh Gear concentrates on quality in quantity. This being the corner stone of our business allows us to supply high quality components in line with world class standards; in volume on time. One of our main customers, whom we have been supplying for over 25 years, is an international world class exporter of heavy equipment around the world.

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